3D Printing for props and cosplay



Dead Set: A 3D printing service that specialises in props and other items for Cosplay. With a lifelong passion for all things science fiction and fantasy, when you require swords or weapons for your cosplay design, Dead Set is here to help.

All you need to do is send us the design for the item(s) that you want printed and we will print it out in 3D and return the parts to you in kit form, so that you can finish and assemble as desired.

Located in the heart of Portugal, Dead Set is scheduled to start offering a 3D print service in the New Year (early 2017). In the meantime will be adding and discussing projects on our blog, which we hope you will find interesting. Please feel free to follow us and keep in touch on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or you can contact us by email on info@deadset.eu. We look forward to hearing from you.